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MK Soap is the small and persistent evidence of a spiritual and creative renaissance I began to experience a little over one year ago at a magical festival at The Root Community in Upstate NY. 

I came upon a magical soap on a wooded path leading towards a river where I bathed and experienced a peaceful bliss. 

I left The Root full of new aspiration and regaled to my sister-in-law about how I loved this soap and would like to make some of my own. When Chirstmas came she had gifted me the supplies to begin this journey. My soap has only gotten more psychedelic and luxurious along the way!

MISSION - What I love about soap

  1. Mindfulness - soap has the power to help reconnect you with your intention, in the moments of the day where you are most receptive to reflective capabilities.
  2. Memory - scent and smell provide the quickest pathway to memory and allow you to experience and re-live the past, present, and future.
  3. Meaning - soap is so universal it transcends any barrier between individuals and allows you to relate to other people and share meaningful acts of gratitude and friendship.
  4. Motivation - soap is one project I have begun where the finish line has always been well within sight. When I need creative motivation and when I feel like there is something I need to be doing creatively I will make more  soap!

EXPERIMENTAL - Where I'm at today

This initial effort is focused ENTIRELY on the recipe and composition of soaps. To date MK Soap has produced 17 unique recipes. 

Each recipe has been a test of a new ingredient,  technique, or composition. 

In the future stay tuned for Vegan experimentations, custom scent memory orders, and more!